Professional plumbing


Customer Reviews


"Mr. Hamilton did a fantastic plumbing job at my house.  He managed to customize the plumbing for all of my appliances in my super tiny kitchen.  I am very happy and grateful." - Tina T.


"Mike Hamilton provided very professional service.  He was flexible with arrival time and was prompt.  He took the time to explain the work he was going to perform and went above and beyond what he needed to do.  He then gave ma additional time in recommendations regarding future plumbing projects.  We will definitely use and recommend his services in the future." - Knaub M.


"I thought I needed work on my gas pipes because it was flagged by Washington Gas.  Mike checked them out and determined that no work was necessary, saving me quite a bit of money.  He seemed very knowledgeable and above all HONEST. - Gary S.


"Mike and the work he did could not have been better." Ted M.


"This was a great experience!  He was on time, personable and very professional.  Equally as important, he did the job for the price quote." - Rojas, M.


"Working with Mike was much better than the big box contractors!" - David W.